Current version: 1.0, Release date: Jun 29 2005

SDIA TODO - bugs, improvement ideas and more

sdia_generator in IE: can't copy the result SDIA source to input textarea

Internet Explorer magicaly deletes new line characters from the selection. A consultation with experienced web designer is required.

sdia_generator: input textarea isn't robust enough

If someone puts a little wrong input (for example with %%BoundingBox line), JavaScript doesn't tell anything and simply hangs. The result is a sdia_generator page with clear forms and user doesn't know what happened.

This is also true if there are empty lines in input. They should be ignored, but they aren't.

General: more language versions of SDIA - at least for the documentation, better the whole web site

Some users ask about Czech version of the web. However, they can successfully start to use SDIA with a little czech summary. But this is not the right solution. Maybe the other language versions will be asked in a future. I don't have a time to manage it at all. Can someone help?

Improvement idea: what about better TeX support?

There is an idea that we can make TeX macros which can read SDIA source directly from the TeX document, instead of writing and reading lots of eps files.

Contras: Firstly it isn't so easy to write these macros because dvips doesn't work well about this. Secondly there is a question if this is really needed and if it is a good idea - it seems like a start of incompatibility between TeX users and everybody else.